Polebrook is a quiet village of some 500-odd inhabitants, tucked in the north-east corner of Northamptonshire, almost in Cambridgeshire. Its buildings are mainly stone, so that it looks like a displaced part of the Cotswolds. It has a church, one pub, a primary school, and no shops.

Like many English villages, Polebrook has a remarkable past: many things make it special. 

For example, the Second World War. In addition to this website there is a fine one devoted to the American Forces’ presence at Polebrook airfield during that time. This is at An excellent book called “Valor at Polebrook” has been sighted in the Oundle bookshop, and there are also two fine histories of the village available.

The church has a memorial chapel devoted largely to those who died while serving at Polebrook.

Please enjoy this site.

Polebrook Trivia

Did you know that:

  • When Lord Rothschild became the owner of Ashton Wold and the village of Ashton, he also got most of Polebrook, including the hall? And that he didn’t buy it, but got it as part payment of a debt, letting the debtor off the rest?
  • That there is a metal plate on the village green that marks the site of the old village pump, the sole source of water in the village until the late 1920s/early 30s?
  • That the drummer of Rock super-group Cream, Ginger Baker, lived in Polebrook in the 1970s and trained polo ponies for Dame Miriam Rothschild?
  • That the village church has a one-handed clock, built by a relative of Oliver Cromwell?
  • That the founder of the Royal Society was Rector here?



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