Domesday Record

The Domesday record

From the original:

LV TERRA EVSTACHIJ Alured ten de. E. in POCHEBROC 1 hid 7 una trae. Tra e II. car. In dnio. e una. 7 IIII. uitti cu pbro 7 IIII. bord hnt car 7 dim. Valuit. II. fol. Modo. xx. folid. Ormar libe tenuit.

Or, if you can’t quite make that out

55 LAND OF EUSTACE [OF HUNTINGDON] [In POLEBROOK Hundred] Alfred holds 1 hide and 1 virgate of Land from Eustace in POLEBROOK. Land for 2 ploughs. In lordship 1.
4 villages with a priest and 4 smallholders have 1 1/2 ploughs.
The value was 2s; now 20s. Ordmer held it freely.

Eustace held more land in the village from the Abbot of Peterborough.

Domesday map

Reproduced with kind permission from the Domesday map of Northamptonshire created by John Garnons Williams and available from

A fine history of Polebrook has been written by local historian Margaret Winham. See the History page for details.